Logic Mind Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of India most well-known and well-trusted solution provider. Today, Logic Mind Technologies stands as a source of reliable and innovative products that enhance the quality of customer's professional and personal lives. Logic Mind Technologies is rooted in Bangalore. Logic Mind Technologies is a leading solution provider in all technologies, and has extensive experience in research and development.

Its employees are active in the areas of production, software development, Implementation, system integration, and training. Why Logic Mind Technologies?

With a client list spanning nearly in all industries, and colleges, Logic Mind Technologies product solutions have benefited customers of many different sizes, from non-profit organizations to companies.By acquaintance with Logic Mind Technologies you will have access to current IT research, tools, templates, and step-by-step action plans for completing Key projects. We will also be provided full access to our research archives and knowledge base.

Our Vision

Core Values : When we take on your project, we take the stewardship of the project with you in the directors seat. As stewards of your project, we consider ourselves successful not when we deliver your final product but when the product meets your business objectives.

Integrity: Honesty in how we deal with our clients, each other and with the world.

Candor: Be open and upfront in all our conversations. Keep clients updated on the real situation. Deal with situations early; avoid last minute surprises.

Service - Seek to empower and enable our clients. Consider ourselves successful not when we deliver our clients final product but when the product is launched and meets success.

Our Mision

Over the next few years our goal is to harness our talents and skills by permeating our company further with process-centered management. In this way, once a customer's project enters our quality oriented process, it will exit as a quality product. We will also strive to add to our knowledge and enhance our skills by creating a learning environment that includes providing internal technology seminars, attending conferences and seminars, building a knowledge library and encouraging learning in every way. Our in-house Intranet portal makes sure that knowledge is shared within the organization. With our beliefs, the future can only look promising as we continue to build our team with the best Indian talent and mould them into our quality-oriented culture. We will find our niche in a competitive world by excelling at what we do, following our guiding principles and most importantly, listening to the needs of our customers.